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ELECTRO ACOUSTIC LISTENING DEVICE - In order to detect a leak, Electronic Listening Devices are used for listening to water movement in waterpipes. The Acoustic Water Leak Detection Equipment identifies the loudness and frequency range of sounds made by water leaks.

When pressured pipelines leak, water gushes out of the crack into the ground. The pipe material vibrates at the leakage point. These vibrations are transmitted by the pipe and can even be noticed at distance contact points, e.g. Fittings. This is known as structure-borne sound and is made audible by the Stethaphon.

When a water pipe is damaged, the water leaks into the surrounding areas which causes the pipe to vibrate. The vibration or sound is transmitted by the pipe and surrounding material. The Listening Device, Stethaphon amplifies these noises allowing the leak location to be pinpointed.

Leak Detection Electro Acoustic Listening Device

  • The Advanced Digital Signal Processing has eliminated the “hiss” heard by other devices
  • An internal microphone is used for confined work and a detachable external ground microphone for listing on floors, ground and for listening at valves
  • Headphones – This version offers hiss free sound reproduction every bit as good as that of direct connection.
  • Minimum Noise Level – A leak noise is constant; it does not get quieter or louder but traffic and wind noise will increase and decrease. The stethaphon ignores all these interfering transient noises digitally displaying only the "quietest" it has been during the time you have been listening
  • Memory - The last Minimum Noise Level value is stored and displayed – Are you closer or further away from the leak in the current listening position compared to the last? Is the leak sound getting lounder or quieter? The highest the number on the display the closer to the leak you are
  • Filter Function – Allows the user to listen to the sound at the frequency that best suits their hearing and the particular noise being listened to
  • Dynamic hearing protection – A hearing protection function mutes the headphones when any loud sudden noises are detected protecting the user from discomfort and hearing damage

Application and Components

  • Leak detection in water networks
  • Examination of house service pipes when the water meter is read

Thermal imaging technologies work by recording the upper part of the infrared light spectrum, that is emitted as a heat. Hotter objects such as warm bodies emit much more of the light as compared to cooler objects like trees of perhaps buildings. As a result, thermal imaging equipment produce images based on variation in temperature of the viewed scene. Thermal imaging is a great way to detect water or even air leaks.


A tracer gas consisting of a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen is introduced into the water pipe with the suspected leak. The tracer gas containing hydrogen (which is the smallest and lightest molecule in the atmosphere) will exit at the leak point and make its way to the surface where it is detected.